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Self-storage in Pretoria, South Africa has become one of the most competitive markets in self storage. With a new storage facility sprouting up almost every week. This is great news for self storage users in Pretoria as this competitive market allows for great deals. Search for the best self storage pretoria deals and sort according to price, size and location.

Self Storage Pretoria looks to bring you all of the latest news and developments on self-storage in South Africa. If you would like to find self-storage in Pretoria, is an easy to use platform, that helps you find your closest storage unit. Simply follow the links.

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Self Storage Pretoria: Boat Storage tips

Self storage Pretoria is so close to some great Gauteng boating experiences, Self Storage Pretoria brings you these handy tips.

The boating lifestyle can supply many many hours of leisure in the summer. You will need to protect your boat and store it properly when the summer fades, though. If you do not, It will likely cost you money and time. Money for those annoying repairs, & time out of the sun.

Fortunately, that does not need to be the case. Here is how to get that beauty ready, and keep it safe.

1. Come Up With a self Storage Plan.

The best place to store your boat is at a climate-controlled storage facility. That way, weather cannot become an issue. However, if you choose to leave your boat in the elements, be sure to use a top level cover, that fits well. After all, you did spend a pretty penny on it, Self Storage Pretoria would assume.

Remember to keep the boat’s drain plug pulled out. This is to guard against heavy rains, which may fill it with water. Lastly, before covering your boat, protect sharp edges such as windshield frames. Otherwise, those sharp edges, could ultimately damage the cover. In short, Self Storage Pretoria recommends sticking it in a Storage unit.

2. Keep Ventilation in Mind when choosing self storage in Pretoria.

Ensure plenty of ventilation throughout the boat and, if necessary, add a solar vents with a fan. Without it, mildew will become an issue.

3. Do Spot Checks of you self storage locker and the self storage facility in Pretoria

One of the biggest errors boat owners commit, is failing to regularly check on their boats. Ultimately, keeping your boat in storage, guards against all of these risks.

If you would like to find self storage in Pretoria, let show you. is an easy to use platform, that works like this:

  • Search the location in which you would like to store your stuff. Storage facilities will be displayed from closest to furthest.
  • Compare and filter by prices, amenities and sizes.
  • Finally, contact your facility from, and book your unit., Simply simple. For more articles like this one, keep checking out Self Storage Pretoria.

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